“Sustainable Recycling” Campaign Kicks Off

Article & Photographs by Kevin Christensen, AFL-CIO  kchriste@aflcio.org

Thank you for making the first meeting of the “Sustainable Recycling”   campaign in Alameda County a great success.  With thirty-five attendees from eighteen (18) organizations representing a wide assembly of environmental, worker, community, immigrant rights, workplace health and safety, governmental, faith and legal organizations participating, we took an essential step toward a common objective.

We convened the meeting around the simple idea of working toward a shared goal of reaching zero waste, ending the shameful abuse of workers, and creating more good jobs that our communities desperately need. We heard from workers in the recycling industry and the standards they have set as their goals for this campaign and we explored other key areas of focus for all stakeholders in Alameda County.


Together we can we can build a sustainable Alameda County that works for everyone. Sustainability works because we do. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information at

510-969-0587 or send an email to recyclejusticia@gmail.com

Thanks – we look forward to working with you!


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