Unilever and the AdeS Case: Why Quality Product Matters to Us and to Consumers


When we met to discuss the addendum, one thing that came out is that we want to able to continue to produce quality product. It makes sense. Clean, good quality product helps us keep our jobs.

Recently at a Unilever plant in Brazil, a batch of the popular soy drink AdeS was contaminated with sodium hydroxide, also known as lye or caustic soda. This is a very toxic cleaning product that can cause chemical burns.

The Brazilian government has temporarily close down the factory for investigation. They prohibited the sale of any AdeS made in that facility. The government also accused Unilever of not telling them right away when the chemical was detected.

Maintenance and sanitation are vital parts of creating quality products. The safety of the consumer is also our responsibility.

Don’t cut corners to make the job faster. We need to work safe – for our sake, for the consumer and for our jobs.


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