American Income Life Insurance (AD&D) & Discount Program*

(Contact Chuck Hill at (888) 252-3550 , More Info

Local 6 Members and retirees are automatically eligible to receive a $4,000 life insurance benefit in case of accidental death or dismemberment.  Call Chuck Hill with American Income Life at (888) 252-3550 or fill out the form online to designate a beneficiary, update your contact information and understand the details of this no-cost benefit.  Additional coverage, like term life insurance, can be purchased to cover loss due to natural causes and other instances covered by life insurance policies.  *There are optional discounts for health services: eye glasses, dental, and hearing aids.

Local 6 Miembros y los jubilados son automáticamente elegibles para recibir un beneficio de seguro de vida de $ 4,000 en caso de muerte accidental o desmembramiento. Llame a Chuck Hill con American Income Life en (888) 252-3550 o llenerar la encuesta en el internet para designar un beneficiario,  actualiza su información y entender los detalles de este beneficio sin costo.  La cobertura adicional, como “term life insurance”, se puede comprar para incluir la pérdida debido a causas naturales y otros casos previstos por las políticas de seguros de vida.  *Hay descuentos opcionales por servicios de salud: lentes, dientes e audífonos.

Wireless Service Discount For Union Members

(Download Application Then Fax or Email to AT&T Department Listed)

FAN number: 3508840

AT&T is the ONLY national unionized wireless service company — “Proud to be Union”

  • To get your 15% discount off  AT&T wireless individual or family plans*
  • Exclusive discount for Union members online for mobile phone and accessories
  • Unique labor union member advocate program that helps you with AT&T wireless customer service

La única empresa sindicada de servicio inalámbrico — “Orgullosa de estar sindicada”

  • Descuento de 15% en la tarifa mensual regular para todos los planes individuales o familiares de servicio inalámbrico de AT&T
  • Descuento exclusivo para miembros de sindicatos en teléfonos celulares y accesorios de teléfono celular de AT&T
  • Programa exclusivo de atención al cliente para miembros de sindicatos que utilizan el servicio inalámbrico de AT&T

The ILWU Federal Credit Union Difference

Not-for-Profit Credit Unions Benefit All Consumer

The Value of Credit Unions Credit Unions, as not-for-profit financial cooperatives, are fundamentally different from banks in many ways that provide significant benefits to consumers. Because of these differences, Congress has exempted credit unions from paying federal income taxes.
The banking industry is challenging the credit union tax exemption. Consumers need to understand the value of credit unions and the importance of the tax exemption.

How Are Credit Unions Different From Banks?

Credit Unions
  • Owned by their members
  • Focus on serving consumers
  • Not-for-Profit cooperatives
  • Must be eligible to join
  • Earnings are returned to members
  • Pay payroll, property, and sales taxes


  • Owned by their stockholders
  • Focused on generating profit
  • For-Profit businesses
  • Anyone can be a consumer
  • Profits are distributed to stockholders
  • Pay federal income taxes, although many smaller banks are exempt

How Do Consumers Benefit? Credit unions provide benefits to their members through higher dividend rates, lower interest rates on loans, and reduced fees. Credit unions also benefit all consumers by providing healthy competition that drives banks rates lower.

Why are Credit Unions Tax Exempt? Congress decided in 1937 to exempt credit unions from federal income tax because of their unique structure and role in the financial services industry. The tax exemption was reaffirmed by congress in 1951 and again in 1998.
Credit unions provide a valuable alternative to the for-profit banking systems, and continue to serve consumers who have no other access to financial services.

Could Credit Unions Lose Their Tax  Exemption?  The banking industry is asking legislators to tax credit unions. They say the tax exemption gives credit unions an unfair advantage and hurts bank profits. If that were true, why are banks reporting year after year of record profits? Clearly, the credit union tax exemption has not affected bank profits and continues to help credit unions serve consumers well.

Why Should Credit Unions Remain Tax Exempt?  The facts that convinced Congress to originally grant credit unions their tax exemption remain true today. However, if credit unions lose their tax-exempt status, they will have to pass along their tax payments in higher fees, higher loan rates, and lower savings dividends to consumer, just like banks do.

Educating Consumers About Credit Unions is Important! It is vital to educate yourself and your family and friends about the credit union difference.  Thank you for taking the time in reading this article. For additional information please call  ILWU-FSC to assist in your financial needs.

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