CNH Finalized Addendum to Master Contract Agreement!

CNH has just ratified their MCA with a 4yr term!  The term includes higher wages, and freezing the IEDA pension.  Thanks to Chris Castaing and the members of the committee!

Unilever and the AdeS Case: Why Quality Product Matters to Us and to Consumers

When we met to discuss the addendum, one thing that came out is that we want to able to continue to produce quality product. It makes sense. Clean, good quality product helps us keep our jobs. Recently at a Unilever plant in Brazil, a batch of the popular soy drink AdeS was contaminated with sodium … Continue reading

Master Contract Members Get Together to Create Proposals for Coming Negotiations

66th Annual Convention of the Warehouse Union Local 6: Debating Our Future

Lively debate and discussion were the mark of the 66th Annual Convention of the Warehouse Union Local 6. A big focus was the coming Master Contract negotiations, and how to get ourselves ready to fight for a good contract. Now, it’s time to get the Master Contract process going. In March 17th we will be … Continue reading